The JLPT 2 Grammar Read Out Project

How does one learn a language when already in their twenties? Is it even possible? In my case, is it possible to learn a language so completely different from those that I do?

I think it is. Of course it is. But as Master Yoda might put it “Head on, one must face it“.  This is what this project is all about.

You see, it’s so great (and I know I’m so blessed) that we’re taught the Japanese Language in our company for free when it costs so much to take lessons outside. Plus its made work a whole lot easier. So I thought I’d like to put myself in it and learn it. I’ve nothing to lose.

I’ve always wondered how the technology is so available, and yet no matter how I scourge through the internet, I just can’t seem to find exactly what I want. So I thought, I have some time now and then… why don’t I be the one to provide the stuff? So here goes…

“The JLPT 2 Grammar Read Out Project” is really just me reading out a list of JLPT 2 grammar (sorry guys, I’m learning JLPT 2 now). I’ve tried pacing the reading so we all get what is being said and there are sample sentences in there too. Of course the English equivalents come after. I’ve tried to put each grammar in one file so you can easily choose which grammar is unfamiliar to you and create your own playlist of grammar you want to hear over and over again.

If you got some suggestions, comments, and especially corrections, they are so welcome. So please do send me a comment below.

This is a project in progress so I’ll be uploading the mp3 files once I’ve got a batch of them or so.

You can use this on the go, which is really what I’ve been looking for.

The content is from a handout given to me by our sensei and is not originally mine. I don’t know where she got it though. I think she compiled it herself. Anyway, this is for educational purposes only.

You can download the files from links that I’ve posted like below:


or here:

Thanks to offthehook2 from youtube for giving me the hint on divshare.

“Freely received, freely given”

1 Response to “The JLPT 2 Grammar Read Out Project”

  1. 1 mei
    January 22, 2010 at 8:09 AM

    wow stel! 😀 u’r great! 🙂 you sounded like u’r a native japanese speaker na jud! 🙂 this project of yours is such a brilliant idea. 🙂 too bad lng i can’t benefit much from it kay u’r so far na, level 2 na ka! i’m impressed! 😀 na inspire na nuon ko na mag serious na sa akong pag learn ug japanese language. hehe

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